Wicked my son, wicked! Good Newfie stuff right deer on me iPhone!


A friend and I are considering making the cross country move to NFL in the next few years. In the meantime we have been looking for info to make our decision. While there are a few info related NFL apps out there I've really been looking for something 'fun' . This app delivers as promised. Looking fwd to seeing updates.


My mom was born and raised in newfoundland and now she lives In Michigan . She always says how beautiful it is. But words cant describe it. Get this app!!!! its worth it and they ALWAY UPDATE. Even thou theres already so many different features.

Best App on Newfoundland

Great app, the photos are beautiful (has my dying to visit!), with good practical info (must see places, festivals, websites, etc)...i'm going to upgrade to the Deluxe version to get more!